Sushrut Jangid

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The lazy way to go about movie poster

A pocket handbook to develop understanding about movie posters through visual semantics and visual hierarchy.

This project explores idea behind the existing movie posters and understanding deeper semantic layer that artists use to portray actors and plot emotions all of the existing scenarios in one static frame. With the help of this book we can dive deeper in understanding the design principles and visual orders that makes up the whole poster and conveys the overall message.

Guided by : Saurabh Tewari

Tactile Experiences

In this project i asked myself most fundamental question and tried and worked my way to solve it. " How can any sight impaired person experience art?". I choose to work with re-envisioning paintings as a medium to explore in terms of tactile experiences.

Guided By : Aman Rupesh Xaxa

Re - branding Spotify

Re - Branding Spotify was the outcome of a workshop that was scheduled for us. Re-branding Spotify, as a project was an attempt to understand the design process that is used to produce tangible outcome, through defining and process of formstorming.

Guided By : Utpal Pandey

Expressive Typography

This project explores the concept of allegorizing where i tried to Semantasize the existing word and further took it ahead to visually portray the meaning by giving it motion.

Guided By : Saurabh Tewari