Master of Architecture (Urban Design) 

Cities are one of the best inventions of humankind. Defined as economic engines, human agglomerations, and the fields of intense energy, cities are habitats for all kinds of culture. The joy of life in cities is one of the strong forces to attract people towards urban areas. Like living organisms, cities also originate, grow and expand; this process of life of the city is critical for us to understand. The urban design programme at SPA Bhopal aims to imbibe knowledge to the students to invent newer approaches to the issues of urbanity in Indian and Asian cities through the process of collaboration and amalgamation between the disciplines of architecture and planning. Urban Design at SPA Bhopal will initiate new theoretical as well as practical ways of dealing with cities posed with challenges from the forces of the contemporary world.

Urban Design Programme at School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal is a four-semester course of two years duration and leading to a degree of Master of Architecture in Urban Design. Each semester consists of a wide range of theory and studio subjects ranging from history, sociology, ecology and legislation, sequentially increasing in their complexity to make students well versed with urban design issues and approaches of universal values. Urban design programme at SPA Bhopal will explore ways to design, create and sustain the rich and productive urban environments.

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