Tanya Agrawal


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Let Us KHO

Reviving Traditional Indian Game 

KHO-KHO is a traditional outdoor game of India which is on the verge of extinction. The project aims at its learnification and revival by implying its rule in a table top game.

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma

Packaging solution for e-commerce

Potline is a packaging solution for e-commerce like BigBasket. It aims at reducing the impact on environment and enhancing the user experience.

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma

Redesigning IRCTC Mobile Webpage

Redesigning IRCTC mobile webpage to enhance the user ticketing experience by making it easier, faster and hassel free.

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma and Aman Rupesh Xaxa

Form Exploration Lighting Fixture

Ashia is a paper lamp depicting Hope. The concept takes inspiration from Birth and Hope. It signifies a mother holding a  child in her arms.

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma