Kalpesh Bhavsar


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Seat belt system redesign for increasing usage

Redesigned seat belt system aims to overcome the limitations of existing seat belt reminder system while adding comfort and ease of use.
Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma


Study of the creation of news and its impact represented as a gigamap.

Team: Kalpesh Bhavsar, Maneesha Warkade, Shrunkhala Thakare &              V. Karthikeyan

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma


An origami lamp which gives euphoric feeling with its rhythm and flow.

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma


An aroma diffuser which represents nature and purity while complementing its fragrance.

Team: Kalpesh Bhavsar & Sainath Dhaktode

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma

Dice & Chop

A manual vegetable chopper ergonomically redesigned to pre-dice and finely chops vegetables with a single product easily.

Guided by Dr. Sukanta Majumdar


A sculptural incense holder carved out of mint marble is an abstraction of Queen Alexandra's birdwing butterflies.

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma