Rachana Velugoti

Email: rachana.velugoti@gmail.com                                                                                                Behance Portfolio Here  

Disclosure of Adolescent Sexual Abuse

A game that triggers conversations on abuse  
The project was to create a platform that could trigger conversations between elders and child regarding disclosure of sexual abuse. The idea behind the project was to create a space for triggering conversations on issues that are considered a taboo in the society.

The stamp story 

The project is an activity kit aimed to invoke the hobby of stamp collection among kids .This also aims at bringing awareness about stamps among kids 

The shapes of R

This experimental typography project was done to experiment variations and emotions  with a single letter and play around with strokes , curves and  colours.

The merged window 

This project is a merger of two well known paintings : The American Gothic and The tree of life. The idea was to create a new piece of art from existing creations.The idea was to learn how schemas work.