Rinki Sambhani

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"Think: You still have a choice"

A book with a vision to inspire people to think before they act towards environment.

Dots and Lines - An art of Gond Tribe

Dots and Lines is an activity kit for kids age 8 plus. The theme of the kit is based on Indian Gond painting art.

Elements and Principles of Design and Gestalt

The project focused on visual representation of element and principles of Design and Gestalt by taking a product and creating a visual language to it.

Sindhi Taam

The cook book has the unique recipes of Sindhi community residing in Bairagarh, this book communicates the Sindhi culture of Bairagarh.

Type Based Poster

Poster is created showcasing different unique elements of the typeface : Bodoni

Nimbu- Mirchi Totka

The project aimed at studying Indian object and presenting it in the form of a poster design.

Typefolio Design

The project focused on Carol Twombly typoefolio design.

The moon and the stars

Pop- up Story book for children of 6-8 years age based on “Separation and Isolation”

Principles of Design

The project is based on exploration of principles of design through typography.