Shrunkhala Thakare

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Ganjifa cards- Architectural tourism set

Study of Ganjifa cards and possible interventions

The project is done under design masters degree for second semester. The Aim is to revive the dying traditional card game of India. Traditionally the game was based on Indian Mythology where as this set is designed for young architects travelling to India as Architectural tourist. 

Guided by Proff. Saurabh Tiwari

Bird & Fish

Binary unit pattern designed based on concept of tessellation. Tessellations are patterns with shapes or polygons which fits together perfectly without gap or overlap. 

Guided by Proff. Aman Xaxa & Dr. Shanu Sharma

A for apple

An exploration based poster on Experimental typography, with the alphabet A

Guided by Harsha Andukuri

Beginners guide to LGBT+

This interactive book for class 8th students,  was an outcome of research done about LGBT+ community and the problems they are facing. while doing so found confusion about oneself and bullying at school level are the major issues those need to be addressed.

Guided by Proff. Saurabh Tiwari