Saket Belchandan


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ATM Interface for Semi-literate Users

Redesigning current ATM interface to make it easily accessible for illiterate and Semi-literate population of India. Project also explored in designing a universal interface independent of text that can be used by people of different linguistic backgrounds and hence eliminating the script barrier for tourists.

Logo Design: Daak Carriers

The exercise involved in designing a logo for a hypothetical India based courier company. The idea for logo was to design a shape that is inspired from the modern day Indian post service and historic Indian post service. Elements of design are inspired from Indian post services and pigeon.

Story Book: Two Friends

A story book for kids aged 4-6 yrs. A series of illustrations about two bunny friends who go through separation and isolation because of a third element that creates difference in their friendship. Story narrates the importance of physical companion over digital companion for kids to learn about friendship.

UBER Explore

Using available UBER network to create a new experience for visitors to explore the city in a planned and customisable tours apt according to schedules and interests. The solution caters to the challenge regarding lack of information and planning visits with local commute.

Museum Explorer

An Augmented Reality based mobile app for curious learners to help them provide better museum learning experience by exploring the fun side as well as the learning side of and artefact.


Befit is a solution that helps people to track their health conditions. System generates possible health issue arlet by assessing their daily vitals and user feeded physical symptoms.User can then be informed prior to any sever health issue and suggested to consult a doctor for time attendance to issue.