Welcome to the Recruitment page of Department of Urban Design at SPA Bhopal. 

The School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal (an institute of National Importance under the MoE, GoI) was established in 2008 and is currently one of the top-most institutes offering Masters of Architecture (Urban Design). Urban design course at SPA Bhopal explores the multidisciplinary nature of the discipline in offering a flexible and inclusive academic path, encouraging students to engage in contemporary thoughts and design process in the urban domain. It aims to create a holistic approach towards analyzing and designing complex urban environments with critical importance to the context of the place by sequentially exposing the students to the hierarchy of subjects encompassing history, sociology, GIS, economics, planning, ecology, politics, research methods and design. The Department comprises talented and hardworking architecture graduates who are focused on creating a better outlook towards the world through their creative thinking, thorough research, and robust design process.  

It is our great privilege to invite organizations engaged in urban studies and design to our campus placement drive at SPA Bhopal. We are looking forward to coordinating with you to fulfil organizational and logistic requirements for placement interviews. We are open to different profiles of recruitment either full time, internship, or placement within the current time frame. After confirmation from you, we will schedule the interviews on a mutually convenient date. (Offline / Online)

We will also share individual CVs / resumes of all students of Urban Design batch with you whenever you require them. This will help you to shortlist students for the placement.

Date of completion of academic year - May 2024

To initiate the process, we request you to kindly fill the response through this link : Job Announcement form.

Please click here to view the M.Arch. UD Placement Brochure and Poster as well.

We will be sharing the CVs of our batch (19 students) on your request.

Training and Placements (T&P) Cell at SPA Bhopal facilitates the Training and Recruitment process. 

Training Calendar 

The calendar for Industry Training remains same each year, being a part of the academic activities. 

Placement Calendar

The Placement Calendar is flexible. We endeavor to accommodate as per the Industry requirements.   

Industry members are encouraged to contact the  Urban Design Department or T&P Cell to explore various possibilities for collaboration. 

To initiate the recruitment process, please fill the Job Announcement Form.

Placement Brochure

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Job Announcement Form 

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