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Color your heart

A workbook for kids to learn empathy.

The aim of this project was to teach kids the design thinking approach through which they can have a more effective way to look at a problem.The first step towards that is to observe and empathize with the problem.

Guided by- Aman Rupesh Xaxa

Know & Speak Campaign

A series of interactive posters (both physical and manual) to make people aware regarding women's rights in India and encourage them to take stand against any kind harassment.

Guided by- Saurabh Tewari

Hemu and Cacti

An interactive storybook for the children between 7-11 years of age.

Guided by- Saurabh Tewari

Personality poster- Stan lee

A poster to announce the hypothetical visit of Stan lee  at S.P.A. Bhopal reflecting his attributes.

Guided by- Saurabh Tewari