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Onion Harvester

A simple and lightweight tool that can be easily carried to farm, can windrow and has a collection chamber to store onions. It's designed to cater to the small and marginal scale farmers who cannot utilize large wind-rowing machines

Serpent lamp

Abstraction of physical and behavioral features of a 'Burmese Python' to design a lamp. The top half of the lamp can rotate to adjust the brightness and the punctures representing the reticulations provide ambient lighting when top is fully closed.

Crowd Shifter

Elements like pickpockets and molesters are the troublemakers in the local trains. This concept works to psychologically evoke the standing commuters to shift their relative positions time to time in order to establish a better visual connection between the seated commuters and the standing commuters.

Behavior change

'Dad, is there food in there ?'This was part of a study done on food wastage in a mess of SPA-Bhopal. It was a surprise to us as it came out of a survey that a significant number of individuals in a college of national importance were indifferent to food wastage. This installation ( Charcoal on paper ) is one of the many that were ideated. Here we can see a girl asking her dad if there is food, meanwhile the helpless father stares inside the Physical dustbin where the students actually throw food waste in the mess

Book cover design

A live project about designing a cover for Bangla translation of the famous 'Ramcharit manas'. The cover was supposed to highlight the main characters of the book while holding the interest of the young and old readers equally.

Form exploration

Exploring radially symmetrical forms , their 3d modeling and physical modeling. This form was inspired from the classic perfume bottle designs with a blend of slenderness and bulkiness.

Bicycle design

A bicycle with added emotional value. Emotional connect with products was studied in this project and then the guidelines were used to design a bicycle that would better connect with the users emotionally.

Speculative design

Food security is a trending concern globally. However if we talk about the year 2100, what would be the status of food security then ? or most importantly will food be the same ? Speculation was done in this project about food security in the year 2100 after studying trends.

Motorcycle concepts

A series of motorcycle concepts covering cafe racers, commuters and bobbers.