Ankit Sahu


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Swiggy application for Apple watch incorporating gesture control for smooth experience and quick interactions. The designing of this interface integrates the essential features of Swiggy.

Soap Band: Redesigning soap strip

Designing soap band to change the user experience for travelers with soap strips, facilitating a hygienic, convenient and enhanced experience.


A lifestyle product designed to enhance the beauty and character of any space. The overlapping of different sized pentagons create a dynamic play of light and shadow.

Table lamp: Rhinoceros

Table lamp design derived through bio mimicry and abstraction also acts as a utility product. This is inspired by the form of a rhinoceros signifying strength and stability.

Logo design for Telecom Dispute Settlement Appellate Tribunal

This logo design for TDSAT, a group effort with Pankhuri Shirodkar, was a contribution to a contest announced by MyGov. This logo aimed at communicating the ethos and excellence of the body .

Outdoor furniture: Disillusioned

This project aimed to represent emotions through design. The final product, a landscaping furniture, was derived by creating a pattern that depicts disillusion.