Oyndrila Sen


 Portfolio - Website & Behance  

IRCTC Redesign

Website Mobile Interface

The challenge was to redesign the IRCTC website mobile interface, for making it a better, easier and hassle free solution to book tickets.

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma and Xaxa aman rupesh 

Hydra Co

Hydra co is an interactive base that is suitable for various bottles.  It is integrated with an app that calculates the water intake according to your BMI. The base tracks the amount of water consumed in a day and helps you to remain healthy & hydrated.  

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma 

Jan - Rekha

D’ Source Corona Design Challenge -Creative Interaction Design solutions to find appropriate solutions to manage people in public spaces in view of the infectious Corona Virus Epidemic.

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma


This is a pain relieving assistive device for your knee which will stimulate the joint and reduce the pain and inflammation of your knee joint. 

Guided by  Dr Sukanta  Majumdar