Master of Architecture (Urban Design)

1. Vision 

The two-year postgraduate program in Urban Design at the School of Planning and Architecture Bhopal explores the multidisciplinary nature of the discipline in offering a flexible and inclusive academic path, encouraging students to engage in contemporary thoughts and design processes in the urban domain. The spatial engagement lies in the emerging urban morphologies in India specifically and placing them in the context of Asian and world cities. The studios, lecture-based subjects, tutorials, and self-exploratory subjects are designed to generate knowledge that should mutually complement each other. 

The urban design curriculum will focus on how critical regionalism feeds into the program and informs urban design thinking. In this context, the ideas of the continuous city, indigenous city, craft-based city. etc would be discussed. This is the principal Vision of the programme. Emphasis is on the ‘Indianness’ of the program through the study of theory, writing on Indian cities, and Indian urbanism thinking.

2. The Programme 

The Master of Architecture (Urban Design) Degree programme is offered for a duration of two years and consists of four academic semesters with six to eight weeks of compulsory Industry internship between two years at the School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal.  The concept diagram represents the various domains of urbanisms the program engages itself in.

3. Course Structure