Rohit Surekh

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Hamstring Muscle Stretching Device

A Product Design project 
A stretching device for hamstring muscle , which in turn cures the postural back pain in enterprise workforce .  Guided By -Dr Shanu Sharma 

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Eco friendly packaging for country eggs  

A Packaging Design project -Designing an eco-friendly  packaging for country eggs . Exploring areca shelth as material. 
Guided by - Dr.Shanu Sharma  
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Mobile Interface for Bharat Bhavan 

An Interface design - Redesigning Mobile Interface for booking cultural  event at Bharat Bhavan . Done by team - Karthikeyan , Rohit & Sainath 
Guided by - Dr. Shanu sharma & Xaxa aman rupesh 
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Cookware redesign for commercial kitchen

A cookware redesign for commercial kitchen ,by understanding the context and user & usage scenario .
Guided by - Dr. Sukanta Majumdar 
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