Aagaman Bharadwaj                      


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Realtime crowd tracking and social distancing app Result link

जन-Rekha is an app designed for safer movement during COVID-19 times. App uses existing ICT in your smartphone to a) track crowded areas, b) book time slots for shopping, and c) maintain social distance with other app users using sound reflectance method. User privacy is kept safe. A USSD based intervention is prescribed for older phones.


Wardrobe aroma diffuser 

A unique aroma diffuser designed to keep your wardrobe feeling fresh with a long lasting aroma.

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma

Elite K1

Delicate metal shaping hammer

This sleek hammer with its brightly coloured grip will deal with all sorts of carpentry challenges.

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma


Desktop light sculpture 

Glee depicts a fountain of joy through its multi-coloured diffused lighting and translucent light pipes.

Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma