Harsh Suhane


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a design intervention to redesign palanquin for Pilgrims.
Considering all the problems faced by the porters and the passengers with the existing palanquin design which was not safe and have many problems with its age old design hereby, a redesign of the palki or the palanquin is being presented the body is made up of stainless steel hollow pipes which is durable and light weight providing storage option to the passengers with comfortable sitting with minute changes in the sitting angle which makes it more comfortable to the passengers and its new look.
Guided by  Dr Sukanta Majumdar

ENJOYMENT AND PLAYFULNESS in pediatric wheelchair.

A  wheelchair becomes a part of life for the person using it, and when it comes to children its more important to take their criteria in mind as the wheelchair plays a part for their development therefore, Introducing a breakthrough in a pediatric wheelchair design. A new Go-Kart experience which can now be experienced by the wheel chair users brings playful interactive atmosphere to both the user groups.
Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma

Paper form evolution from emotion- HOPE

Zenith is a lighting fixture model depicting hope of movement and transition through its form and lighting. In this project  an emotion 'HOPE was taken and was conceptualized and evolved into a 3-d form by using paper as the material and lighting to bring out the essence of that emotion.
 Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma

IRCTC Redesign

Website Mobile Interface

Redesigning the IRCTC website mobile interface, for making it a better, easier and hassle free solution to browse and  book tickets providing better, resolved  website interaction on mobile phone.
Team : Harsh Suhane, Sushrut Jangid and Saisree
Guided by Dr. Shanu Sharma and Xaxa aman rupesh