Ayushi Wakankar

Email: ayushi.wakankar@gmail.com

Mobile: +91 89823 86744

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Gullak : Saving money

An app designed to help users manage money. It lets users set financial goals and achieve those goals through various investment options customised for them.

Board Game Illustrations

A series of Animal illustrations done for a guessing game by Funskool, meant for children of age 3-6 years.

Furniture Explorations

Rendered sketches for everyday furniture concepts.

Rumor Mill : Game Design

An app based game where players have to build fake news headlines and rumors and identify real news from a list of fake headlines.

Behance for Apple Watch

Behance Application for Apple Watch to update users with their profile, work, appreciations and insights instantly.

Engaging Children with plants

An activity kit for children to help them learn and interact with plants through a character building activity involving play and learn method.

Design for Waste Management

The project aims to resolve waste management issues in an educational campus. The design sought to bring out a behavioral change in users through design

Lamp Design : Vigil

Foot-light design inspired from Black Panther. Derived through abstraction of the physical attributes of a black panther, the lamp reflects its vigilance, solitude and grace.

Poster Design: Sari

The poster portrays the essence of Sari; a versatile Indian garment that is an inseparable part of the Indian culture.