V. karthikeyan

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Thermoelectric serving unit -  

Exploring possibilities for a self-sustaining energy system to addresses the problems faced by street food vendors due to lack of power supply in their selling areas.

 Through ethnographic study and research techniques such as contextual enquiry and shadowing the livelihood and daily routine of street food vendors in and around metropolitan cities were understood . A day in their life  behavioral study was carried for studying and  identifying pain-points and insights on constraints faced by the vendors for deriving a possible value this intervention can provide in their lifestyle.

Guided by Shanu Sharma 


Redefining  ticket booking as a collaborative experience and user experience design beyond ticket booking 

BB - Website

Redesigning Bharath bhawan webpage for home page, event search and booking 

Interaction design 

Redesigning interactions in microwave for Indian cooking , by studying and mapping user journeys and information architecture of cooking indian recipes