Shrinivas Shinde

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An attempt of creating visual guidebook to learn architectural photography with a consideration of academicians perception. This project broadly divided into three phases structuring of subject, detailing out the content required and design of medium to deliver this content. 

Guided by:- Aman Rupesh Xaxa 

Taste of bhopal

To promote and aware outsider people, about local and traditional food of Bhopal by means of Visual medium which will show them authenticity and reason behind its existence of being traditional food.

Guided by:- Dr. Shanu Sharma 

Form and Light

Capture photographs of models made by design students, so that they can use them at different platforms and mediums.

Guided by:- Dr. Shanu Sharma 

Typographic Posters

Typographic poster are another way of communicating thought with text medium only. The displayed poster was created for movie screen promotion in SPA Bhopal.

Guided by:- Saurabh Tewari