Maneesha Warkade                                                                                            

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Logical Web 

Multiplication learning tool for rural area kids
This project aims to improve the mathematical skills of multiplication  tables in young children aged 8-12 years by combining education and entertainment in a simple math learning tool.
Guided by: Aman Rupesh Xaxa

Children's Story book design

A short illustrated children's book on the theme of "Separation and Isolation"Guided by: Saurabh TewariClick here for Behance link 

Re-branding Firstcry

Visual identity for firstcry brand as a workshop assignment.Guided by: Utpal PandeClick here for Behance link 

Digital Illustrations 

Exploration of digital illustration, inspired by nature. The way I illustrate is first thinking what you want your illustration to do, then what techniques could make that happen best and then how to make those techniques visually compelling.Click here for Behance link